What is a squint (strabismus)?

A squint or strabismus is present when the two eyes are not looking in the same direction.  It may be apparent all the time or only when the person is tired, unwell or focusing on a near or distant object. The eye may turn in or out, or one eye may sit higher than the other.  A squint may vary depending on the gaze position.


Children with Spina Bifida are more prone to squints (strabismus) developing in the eye muscles.  These occur more when hydrocephalus (either treated or untreated) is present.  A squint is easily corrected by an operation carried out by a Paediatric Ophthalmologist.  Normally, children undergoing corrective squint surgery are discharged the same day.

After surgery your child will be regularly reviewed by an Orthoptist.  An Orthoptist is an eye therapist, trained in the assessment and rehabilitation of eye function.