Loss of Skin Sensation


Spina Bifida causes a reduction in skin sensation with a loss of feeling from the level of Spina Bifida downwards.  This lack of sensation can be useful for injections and blood tests but it also means that your child will not know if something is too hot, cold or sharp.  Extra care has to be taken to avoid injury.  If injury does occur, healing takes place but occurs more slowly.

Babies with Spina Bifida tend to have poor circulation in their lower limbs and you may notice that their feet are often cold.  Wearing socks or booties is a good idea, particularly when they start to crawl, as foot coverings will help to protect their feet.  Sunburn is also a concern which should be watched.

Nappy rash is a common problem in babies with Spina Bifida, again due to their poor circulation.  Ideally, time without a nappy on is best, as well as keeping your baby clean and dry through regular nappy changes.  Seek advice if nappy rashes persist as they can take quite some time to clear up.